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r) are sending all their belongings to Bijapur (for safety)''.
(The spies) also reported to the Raya what they had heard and
.* ?en (during their sojourn) in the kingdom of Bijapur. Tlie
Kuyuj Appajij Ayyaniarasa and Kondainstrasa having heard this
report said, " Xo sooner had (the rulers) ol Ahmadanagrara and
:j~lkonda received reports from their respective sthanafatis
stationed here than they took not only the* preliminary pi*e-
cautions but having informed the Yedula Sahu induced hira to
send provisions (to his frontier forts). Therefore, their prelimi-
nary precautions, wealth and strength are, indeed, incompa-
rable/' Then they distributed presents among the spies, who
were instructed to remain in Bijapur, and send the Raya daily
the information which they might obtain after tlioroiigh investi-
gation. The Raya and his councillors having sent away menial
servants, engaged themselves in a confidential conversation.

pp. 46-51.

As soon as the Raya heard that the spies Rainu and Gropoji
had returned from Ahmadanagara and Grolkonda respectively,
he commanded the people that were about him to retire, and
having summoned the said spies to his presence, he asked
them for the news of the kingdoms from which they came.
(Then) they communicated to him the intelligence which they
obtained from villages and towns during the course of their
journey on foot from Vijayanagara to Ahmadanagara and
Grolkonda. ' In all the frontiers,7 they said, * strangers, people
of other places and wayfarers are subjected to search ; the
people who carry no letters or documents are asked in a
threatening manner to state the place from which they come
and the people to whom they belong. (Having satisfied
themselves) they permit the people to go (to their desti-
nations). On reaching the capital, if, after seeing the suburbs,
a person desires to enter the fort, he is permitted to do so oijly
after one of the residents of the place who is known to him
comes forward as a surety with the declaration that the person